December 26, 2010

A Season of Giving Credit, Where Credit is Due

"A Historic fusion of Art, Fashion & Technology" Ralph Lauren 4D...was a "celebration of 10 years of digital innovation" that took place in London in November of 2010, according to RalphLauren.com.
Really, it was a digital fashion show of sorts all projected upon the flagship store in London. Many fashion blogs have been all a buzz over this light show of smoke and mirrors, when quite frankly it is a KNOCK-OFF. Neither Ralph Lauren nor his technology professional are an innovator of technology in this instance. I'm sorry to be curt...but really!

Back in February of this year (2010) I wrote about a spectacular light installation by the talented Mario Nanni, an Italian lighting designer and manufacturer. This installation known as "The Light of Music" took place over the festive season of 2009/2010 as a celebration of the opening season of Milan's La Scala theatre during Milan's International Festival of Lights. Please feel compelled to read my post about it all here.

The Music of Light by Mario Nanni

Nanni created the LIV (variable-image light bulb) which makes the light installation possible, it brings images to life as they are projected upon the grand scale of a building. The grandeur and realness of it all is magnificent. Now with all of that said...back to my claim of falsness...the designer knock-off of the most unexpected kind.

Well I suppose I should give good ole' Ralph the benefit of the doubt...it is possible that he commissioned Nanni to complete this celebration of Art, Fashion and Technology. After all, I'm sure they have rubbed elbows at some point in time...being that Nanni has experience in the fashion industry (he designed lighting for 10 different Giorgio Armani stores worldwide).

I leave you with this...a few images and a short video of the Ralph Lauren celebration of 10 years of digital innovation, a Nanni knockoff. Do enjoy.

December 18, 2010

When Sorry Isn't Good (or Glam) Enough...

I apologize my dear friends and loyal Good and Glammers for my lack of posting recently. Good and Glam suffered a terrible loss when our computer system crashed recently. Thankfully, I am now back on-line with a new computer, external hard-drive and e-mail addresses.

Please keep an eye out for new postings that include a Master Bedroom Makeover, Master Bathroom Makeover and Children's Room Makeover. Yipee!!

October 8, 2010

Let's Get it Started in Here!

Love these stylish spaces to get ready in...enjoy your weekend!

Elegant Dressing Room via Canadian House and Home

Glam Dressing Room via Canadian House and Home

Opulent Dressing Room from Canadian House and Home

Want more? Check out this video of Melissa Evans-Lee, Marketing Director at Bayview Village Shopping Centre, as she fills a walk-in dressing room with her favorite fashions from Bayview Village.

September 28, 2010

Long on Style

This six-foot long Monaco credenza is a transitional piece that will work with traditional to contemporary styles from the dining room to the bedroom. Offered for $2,995.00 from WeegoHome.com in a wide variety of finishes.

September 26, 2010

Standing Ovation

Image via Elle Decor

Image via Country Living

Painted floors is a trend that dates back to the late 1700's, it was THE way to protect hardwood floors from wear. I think painting a floor is a stylish and economical way to infuse a punch of color into a room. DIY: learn how to paint a wood floor here and a concrete floor here.

September 24, 2010

Deckside Checkmate

Image via Country Living

Chess on the deck, don't you just love this idea! And I adore the beautiful hydrangeas, they are like an audience intently watching for the next move. Let the board serve double duty and keep a set of large coasters nearby for a game of checkers. Instructions on how to play chess can be found here.

September 23, 2010

Design Icon

Traditional Home named one of my favorite designers a "Design Icon" in its September 2010 issue. Congrats Kelly Wearstler! Here are a few of my favorite designs from her work, enjoy.

Viceroy Miami

September 22, 2010

Here are a few pictures from my daily travels, taken at the local Antique Mall in my town. I'm inspired and am thinking of heading to Goodwill to score an inexpensive vintage chandelier that I can paint turquoise.

September 21, 2010

Glam Kitchen

Stock photo Kraftmaid

My dream kitchen...I love everything about this space but most of all I love the sparkle of the Glam mosaic tile backsplash. Click here to find inspiration for your kitchen remodel.

Golden Girl

Image via HollywoodYesterday.com

I found these pics of the beautiful Betty White and just had to share them with you. She is truly timeless, do enjoy! Want more? Get the 411 on Betty White over at Hollywood Yesterday.com.

September 15, 2010

Listen Up Lonny Mag Fans!!

I am beside myself with excitement!!! Just found out that Lonny Magazine (my FAVE on-line mag) is now going to be available in print. Katie Armour of the NeoTraditionalist exclusively broke this great news on September 14, 2010. So without any further adieu here are the details scored by Katie...
  • Each edition will cost between $30 and $40;

  • A new more user friendly website is set to launch very soon where you will be able to order your copy of a print edition;

  • The book will be comparable to a coffee table book in size and print; and,

  • Back editions will be available for order in the future.

Image via Katie Armour - The NeoTraditionalist

I can't wait to hold Lonny in my hands!

September 11, 2010

Nice, Nice Baby

Image via Variety

This past spring Vanilla Ice (aka Robert Van Winkle) announced through his website that he was going to have his own show on the DIY Network titled "The Vanilla Ice Project". The show is to chronicle the remodel of a foreclosed home Ice had purchased in January 2010 here in Palm Beach County (in the Versailles community within the Village of Wellington to be exact).

Image via Jose Lambiet's Page 2 Live

Ice began fixing up the $419,000 home (valued at 1.5 million just 3 years ago) with plans to "flip" it for a quick buck. I'm interested to see how this show turns out. I love Ice, he is a local celeb here in South Florida who has made positive contributions to our community. For the past several years Ice has thrown some mad fun parties such as the Vanilla Ice Holiday House Party and he's been dedicated to the success of the Vanilla Ice Toys for Tots Holiday Drive.

The 10-episode series titled "The Vanilla Ice Project" is set to air October 14, 2010 at 9:00 PM ET on the DIY Network. Follow Ice along as he and his tatted friends remodel the 7,000 sq. ft. Florida home into a high-tech, sustainable, rock star pad.

I wonder if "he'll cook -GC's- like a pound of bacon"....word to your mutha!

Image via New Times Magazine

September 9, 2010

Define Your Style

What is your design style? Not sure? HGTV has compiled a helpful guide that defines a variety of popular design styles. Here are a few of my favorites.



Mid-century Modern

Images via HGTV

September 4, 2010

How-to Run a Tight Ship

Here are few sites that offer tips, instructions and all around useful information for everything domestic. Definite must reads if you are looking for tips on how-to Run a Tight Ship.

Instructables.com is a how-to site that features tons of useful projects like Make Your Own Grocery Bag or Countertop Greenhouse. All DIY projects can be made at home and include complete how-to instructions and step-by-step pictures.

Head on over to House Cleaning Channel a great resource for anything home related including tips on cleaning, maintenance, organizing, decorating and even entertaining. You can also find real product reviews on household items. My fave feature is the Stain Removal Wizard, a how-to guide to removing virtually any stain.

Want more how-to tips? Monkey See features videos about wide variety of topics including home, finances, career, parenting and lots more.

September 2, 2010

Year Round Style

The shirtdress is at the top of my must-have fashion list, I really dig the seasonless style of this wardrobe essential. Here are a few looks that can take the shirtdress from now through the winter.


This Banana Republic, silk shirtdress and skinny belt can be worn fitted or loose. Cinch the belt at the waist and get a tailored feel or wear just above the hip for a relaxed feel.

Yes...skinny jeans are still all the rage, but they don't work for everyone. A straight-leg, boot cut jean, like this pair from the Gap works well for a variety of body styles. Add a simple nude flat from Piperlime.com to transition the look from Summer to Fall.


This winter you will find lots of options in jackets. Short, long, fitted or belted you can easily warm this look up. Try a fitted tuxedo jacket, military jacket or a leather boyfriend jacket like this one from Express. Layer with a white Spiegel Sateen short vest.


Want some sparkle? Try the Sequin Embrace vest from Forever 21 and accessorize the look with a handbag in an unexpected color like the B. Makowsky Derby Multi Satchel from Nordstroms.

August 31, 2010


I don't know about you but I am NOT a fan of the gladiator style shoe/sandal/boot. So here are a few of my faves from Piperlime.com...I can't believe how many fabulous styles they have and at fantastic prices to boot!
Nude shoes are my fave because of their elongating effect on the leg. Plus a nude shoe looks great with just about every outfit.

Upper Left: Niko by Michael Antonio priced at $59.00
Upper Right:
Kiss-N-Tell by Unlisted by Kenneth Cole priced at $69.00
Bottom Left:
Berkley by Report priced at $75.00
Bottom right: Quinlan by L.A.M.B. sale priced at $179.99

On the left: Dale by L.A.M.B. priced at $179.99
On the right:
Marvel by Charles by Charles David sale priced at $89.99

I've always felt that white can be worn at anytime of year as long as it is worn sparingly, such as a shoe, scarf or accessory.

On the left: Darla by Vince Camuto Sale Priced at $69.99
On the right:
Hanan by Michael Antonio a steal priced at $29.99

On the left: Ariella by Report Priced at $150.00
On the right: Convince Me by Nine West $189.00
Images via: Piperlime

August 25, 2010

Design Star

I figure since today is Wednesday, all of you must have seen the Season Finale of Design Star this past Sunday. If not, then you need to catch up people because I refuse to issue a spoiler alert on this one!

Congrats to Emily Henderson! The newest Design Star from HGTV.

Here are a few pics from Emily's pre-show design portfolio:

At the start of the season, I was rooting for Casey to win and then midway through the season I was pulling for Emily. Ultimately, I imagined the finale being a design-off between Casey and Emily, with Casey taking the crown.

Can't wait for Emily's new show "Secrets from a Stylist"? The 1-hour show is set to premiere this Sunday, August 29, 2010. Be sure to tune in! Also, if you are a Casey fan then head on over to her site Avenue Interior Design and check out what she will be up to next!
Images via HGTV

August 18, 2010

Chandeliers in the Boudior

Are you thinking of adding a chandelier to your bedroom and just don't know where to place it? Whether you hang the light over your bed, flanking your bed above your night tables or offset in front of a window...the light and the sparkle of the fixture will add instant glamour to your space. Here are a few examples of chandeliers in the boudior.

Image scanned via Domino Magazine

Image via Amanda Nisbet Design

Image via Simply Grove

Home of Artist Anne Becker via Elle Decor