August 25, 2010

Design Star

I figure since today is Wednesday, all of you must have seen the Season Finale of Design Star this past Sunday. If not, then you need to catch up people because I refuse to issue a spoiler alert on this one!

Congrats to Emily Henderson! The newest Design Star from HGTV.

Here are a few pics from Emily's pre-show design portfolio:

At the start of the season, I was rooting for Casey to win and then midway through the season I was pulling for Emily. Ultimately, I imagined the finale being a design-off between Casey and Emily, with Casey taking the crown.

Can't wait for Emily's new show "Secrets from a Stylist"? The 1-hour show is set to premiere this Sunday, August 29, 2010. Be sure to tune in! Also, if you are a Casey fan then head on over to her site Avenue Interior Design and check out what she will be up to next!
Images via HGTV


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