June 20, 2011

Good + Glam = Hollywood Sophisticated Dressing Room

Recently featured on the Traditional Home website, this San Fransicso home of Dr. Elisa Stephens, President of the Academy of Art University, received a 2nd floor renovation that was much needed.  Check out all the glam details here.

Images via Traditional Home
The renovation was designed by Antonio Martins of Antonio Martins Interior Design and it embodies true Hollywood glamour.  Trad Home has this to say about the totally Glam makeover:
"With only slightly fewer reflective surfaces than the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, the new master closet/dressing room is as refined as it is functional. No open spaces here. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are all neatly tucked out of view. Antiqued mirrored doors conceal clutter while visually enlarging the space. Organization never looked so sophisticated."

June 15, 2011

Courtney Cox at Home

Courtney Cox's home was featured in Elle Decor and I am in love with her "chill zone". This custom-made banquette, surrounding a peaceful fire pit seems to be floating oceanside.  According to the article, Cox says she has coffee oceanside everyday.  Read more here.

Images via Elle Decor

June 3, 2011

Good + Glam Kid's Rooms

Are you looking to makeover your child's bedroom this summer?  Here are 13 inspiration rooms and a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

Redecorating a room can get expensive so first, set a budget and stick to it.  If you aren't in the market to purchase new furnishings, try changing the color of the walls, textiles and/or flooring.  There are numerous style and color options in paint.  One of my favorites is chalkboard paint, consider painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint (Hudson Paint offers a wide variety of color options).  If you are adventurous, you could infuse color into your space by repainting your furniture.  Try transforming that white French provincial dresser by painting it hot pink or electric blue.

A great way to add fun and whimsy to your space is through accessories.  Artwork, toys, seating and lighting are simple to change as your little one grows.  Try hanging a decorative light fixture in the center of the room or above the bed.  Frame and hang your child's artwork, you can change it as often as you like.  Toys or stuffed animals can be displayed on shelves.  In order to keep things looking neat, be sure to select a few favorites and stow the rest out of sight in a toy chest or closet.  If you have room, include comfortable seating in the space.  While most children like to play with their toys on the floor, an upholstered bench placed at the end of the bed or under a window provides flexible seating for guests or story time. 

No matter what be sure to include your children in the makeover because nothing beats the creativity of a child and more importantly, this is a space they will occupy the most.  Have fun!

Subtle pink girl's bedroom via Cullman & Kravis
Madeleine's black and white bedroom via Apartment Therapy
Tatiana's Modern Nursery, designed by Candice Olson (Episode 910 - HGTV).  Via Divine Design

Boy's room via Cullman & Kravis
Blue room via House to Home
Bold use of color in a small space helps redirect attention to the design of the room rather than the size.  Photo credit unknown.
Bright girl's room via House to Home
Bright poppy red via Oh Dee Doh
Boy's room with yellow striped ceiling via House to Home
Romantic pink girlie bedroom via House to Home
Graphic Black and White Wallpaper via House to Home
Twin beds placed end-to-end, forming one large sofa like bed. Via Sarah 101
I am a huge fan of chandeliers in the bedroom.  This red chandelier paired with the bare brick wall adds youthful fun to a simple grown up space.  Want brick in your space?  Try using wallpaper to get the look.  Via House to Home.

June 1, 2011

Octopus Chandelier

Octopus Chandeliers created by Adam Wallacavage, photographer, designer, artist.  Wallacavage just wrapped a show at the Corey Helford Gallery in California.  Read more about how Adam started making his chandeliers in this feature article in American Craft.  Want more?  Read about the man behind the lights in this article from  Juxtapoz, and check out his blog here.

Self Portrait Adam Wallacavage via flickr
Photo credits via Adam Wallacavage

May 31, 2011

Living with Pink in Your Room

This post is in response to my loyal Good + Glam readers who, after reading my post on pink kitchens, requested more pink in the home.  So....here are some of my favorite PINK living rooms.  There is a little something for everyone here.  Wheher you like bold interiors and would paint your walls hot pink or if you prefer a more suble style and would decorate with pink accessories, be inspired!  Oh...and be sure to keep an eye out for my next post in the Pink Home Series...pink bathrooms.  Enjoy! 

Pink styled living room by graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen found here.

Punches of Pink in a Living Room designed by Massucco Warner Miller and featured in Traditional Home.
Pink Ottoman and accents found here.

Collection of Fabrics in Kalaya from Harlequin

If you are looking to add a pop of pink but aren't ready to commit to painting the walls pink, try infusing pink into your accessories.  This traditional room pictured above does just that.  Photographed by Keith Scott Morton.
The pink pillows go a long way in this coastal beach cottage.  This 450 sq. ft. vacation rental cottage was featured in Coastal Living.  Since it's feature in 2009 the interior has been re-designed.  Check out "Old Love Cottage" on Tybee Island, Georgia at Mermaid Cottages
Grove Point Plantation just South of Savanna, Georgia.
Cozy pink featured in Martha Stewart
Tropical pink living room featured in House to Home

Pink and yellow accented living room featured in House to Home.
Pink living room designed by Alessandra Branca.

May 29, 2011

Patriotic Digs

Here's a few of my favorite red, white and blue decor ideas.  Enjoy your Memorial Day!

Using the blue of the ocean as a backdrop.  Via Coastal Living

Red White and Blue Dining Room via Elle Decor

Pottery Barn Styled Living Room.  Check out their fabulous Memorial Day Sale.
Hampton's Summer Home from Sotheby's via Business Insider
Ellen O'Neil Via House Beautiful

I Moustache You a Question

Recently while out and about I spied a girl with a moustache tattoo on her index finger...I had to know, was it a real tattoo?  Well of course it was.  Funny for sure...but I imagine a permanent moustache tattooed on your finger could get a bit played out.  Not to mention the slew of stache jokes that would follow...Hey, the 70's called, they're missing a porn star.

If you aren't in the market to permanently ink a "stache" on your finger, you could Sharpie it on like Kandee did (pictured below) or you could get a Moustache Mug or pencil.  What do you think, stache or no stache?

Sharpie moustache by Kandee Johnson (make-up artist extraordinaire).

Moustache Cookies from Eat Cake Be Merry

 Moustache Cookie Cutter Set from Fuzzy Ink

Moustache on a stick from Etsy seller Somethings Hiding Here

Glittery Blue Moustache Cookies from Etsy Seller Whipped Bake Shop

Moustache Mugs from Peter Ibruegger

Moustache Glass and Necklace from Etsy Seller Mustache Glass

Moustache Hanger via Luuux

Moustache Pillow Set from Urban Outfitters

Moustache Wall Decal from Etsy Seller Empire City Studios

Je m'appelle Moustache Light Fixture by Katrin Greiling

Moustache Straw DIY from When Baby Sleeps

 Moustache Pencils from Atypyk

Moustache Bib from Etsy Seller Bare Handed Press