September 15, 2010

Listen Up Lonny Mag Fans!!

I am beside myself with excitement!!! Just found out that Lonny Magazine (my FAVE on-line mag) is now going to be available in print. Katie Armour of the NeoTraditionalist exclusively broke this great news on September 14, 2010. So without any further adieu here are the details scored by Katie...
  • Each edition will cost between $30 and $40;

  • A new more user friendly website is set to launch very soon where you will be able to order your copy of a print edition;

  • The book will be comparable to a coffee table book in size and print; and,

  • Back editions will be available for order in the future.

Image via Katie Armour - The NeoTraditionalist

I can't wait to hold Lonny in my hands!


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