July 22, 2010

Frankly My Dear...

So while shopping for something special for my latest eDesign client (who happens to be my daughter), I found this super fun site - Wake Up Frankie. Whether you're looking for somthing to add a little sparkle to your space or for a complete funky room makeover, Wake Up Frankie has got it and at a GREAT price to boot!

All images courtesy of Wake Up Frankie

July 11, 2010

Love this Smelly Crock

**Wondering where I've been for the past week? Sorry for the lack of updating my loyal fans. I was deep in the competition process with Unplggd.com (a home tech website) for a job to be a contributing writer. This post is one of two articles that were originally written for my Unplggd blogger try-out. While the try-out experience was fun, I didn't score the position. Want to see my debut on Unplggd? Click here to see my Tech Tour - "Good, Glam + Tech Studio".**

Product: Candle Warmers, Etc. – Candle Warmer Crock

Price: $19.99

I am a candle junkie, burning hundreds of dollars each year just to enjoy the smell of a fresh baked vanilla buttercream cake. Recently, I was at a friend’s house and couldn’t believe how great her home smelled. Of course my eyes searched for a burning candle, to no avail. She was using a candle crock pot (as she called it), an electric appliance shaped like a mini slow cooker that warms candles rather than food. The crock can accommodate a 22 ounce jar candle. The technology that makes this burner work is pretty basic. The crock is made of ceramic with a metal interior and it houses an electric heating element that is designed to maintain a low temperature. Simply set a candle jar into the crock (unlit of course); plug it into an electrical outlet and your set.

Being able to enjoy the smell of a candle, without the risk of fire, is an advanced idea. I can think of many a time that I have left my house, only to turn around and head back to check that I extinguished the candle I had lit earlier. Unfortunately, my friends weren’t so lucky. Forgetting to put out the burning candle they left behind; their house caught on fire. Thank goodness no one was in the house. Sadly though, they were out thousands of dollars in insurance deductibles and repair costs. If only they had a candle crock pot.

The crock is not meant to replace the romantic ambiance of a soft glowing candle but rather maintain a higher level of safety when using candles. Keep in mind that the melted candle inside the crock is very hot, so keeping it away from children is a must. I have a candle crock, and have been happily using it for over a year. There are only a few minor drawbacks from the oohs-and-ahs of this product. First, most of the crocks available on the market are designed too kitschy, embellished with roses and flowers on the exterior of the pot. Although, Candle Warmer, Etc. does offer a simply designed black or white crock. Second, should you want to light your candle after using it in the crock, you have to fish out the wick and reset it once the candle cools. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. And finally, it does require electric power. So the dollars you’ll save from buying new candles is spent on your monthly power bill. Overall, a great and safe innovation on traditional candle burning.
Image courtesy of Candle Warmers, Etc.