December 26, 2010

A Season of Giving Credit, Where Credit is Due

"A Historic fusion of Art, Fashion & Technology" Ralph Lauren 4D...was a "celebration of 10 years of digital innovation" that took place in London in November of 2010, according to RalphLauren.com.
Really, it was a digital fashion show of sorts all projected upon the flagship store in London. Many fashion blogs have been all a buzz over this light show of smoke and mirrors, when quite frankly it is a KNOCK-OFF. Neither Ralph Lauren nor his technology professional are an innovator of technology in this instance. I'm sorry to be curt...but really!

Back in February of this year (2010) I wrote about a spectacular light installation by the talented Mario Nanni, an Italian lighting designer and manufacturer. This installation known as "The Light of Music" took place over the festive season of 2009/2010 as a celebration of the opening season of Milan's La Scala theatre during Milan's International Festival of Lights. Please feel compelled to read my post about it all here.

The Music of Light by Mario Nanni

Nanni created the LIV (variable-image light bulb) which makes the light installation possible, it brings images to life as they are projected upon the grand scale of a building. The grandeur and realness of it all is magnificent. Now with all of that said...back to my claim of falsness...the designer knock-off of the most unexpected kind.

Well I suppose I should give good ole' Ralph the benefit of the doubt...it is possible that he commissioned Nanni to complete this celebration of Art, Fashion and Technology. After all, I'm sure they have rubbed elbows at some point in time...being that Nanni has experience in the fashion industry (he designed lighting for 10 different Giorgio Armani stores worldwide).

I leave you with this...a few images and a short video of the Ralph Lauren celebration of 10 years of digital innovation, a Nanni knockoff. Do enjoy.

December 18, 2010

When Sorry Isn't Good (or Glam) Enough...

I apologize my dear friends and loyal Good and Glammers for my lack of posting recently. Good and Glam suffered a terrible loss when our computer system crashed recently. Thankfully, I am now back on-line with a new computer, external hard-drive and e-mail addresses.

Please keep an eye out for new postings that include a Master Bedroom Makeover, Master Bathroom Makeover and Children's Room Makeover. Yipee!!