September 4, 2010

How-to Run a Tight Ship

Here are few sites that offer tips, instructions and all around useful information for everything domestic. Definite must reads if you are looking for tips on how-to Run a Tight Ship.

Instructables.com is a how-to site that features tons of useful projects like Make Your Own Grocery Bag or Countertop Greenhouse. All DIY projects can be made at home and include complete how-to instructions and step-by-step pictures.

Head on over to House Cleaning Channel a great resource for anything home related including tips on cleaning, maintenance, organizing, decorating and even entertaining. You can also find real product reviews on household items. My fave feature is the Stain Removal Wizard, a how-to guide to removing virtually any stain.

Want more how-to tips? Monkey See features videos about wide variety of topics including home, finances, career, parenting and lots more.


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