May 29, 2011

I Moustache You a Question

Recently while out and about I spied a girl with a moustache tattoo on her index finger...I had to know, was it a real tattoo?  Well of course it was.  Funny for sure...but I imagine a permanent moustache tattooed on your finger could get a bit played out.  Not to mention the slew of stache jokes that would follow...Hey, the 70's called, they're missing a porn star.

If you aren't in the market to permanently ink a "stache" on your finger, you could Sharpie it on like Kandee did (pictured below) or you could get a Moustache Mug or pencil.  What do you think, stache or no stache?

Sharpie moustache by Kandee Johnson (make-up artist extraordinaire).

Moustache Cookies from Eat Cake Be Merry

 Moustache Cookie Cutter Set from Fuzzy Ink

Moustache on a stick from Etsy seller Somethings Hiding Here

Glittery Blue Moustache Cookies from Etsy Seller Whipped Bake Shop

Moustache Mugs from Peter Ibruegger

Moustache Glass and Necklace from Etsy Seller Mustache Glass

Moustache Hanger via Luuux

Moustache Pillow Set from Urban Outfitters

Moustache Wall Decal from Etsy Seller Empire City Studios

Je m'appelle Moustache Light Fixture by Katrin Greiling

Moustache Straw DIY from When Baby Sleeps

 Moustache Pencils from Atypyk

Moustache Bib from Etsy Seller Bare Handed Press


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