May 24, 2011

Design Studio

Finally! Here are the before, progress and after pics from my in-home design studio makeover. The room was completed last fall with the help of my handy husband. Initially, I was looking at melamine cabinetry from the local home improvement store. You know the typical off-the-shelf kind typically used in closets, laundry rooms or garages. I wasn't happy with the style of this option, nor the cost.

Then, my husband suggested I look at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The ReStore offers recycled construction materials including complete kitchens, hurricane shutters, bathroom tiles and so much more. "Great idea" I said and I decided to give it a shot. I called ahead and asked the clerk what they had for sale, she said they had three different options in cabinetry. With my dimensions and measuring tape in hand we headed for the ReStore.

I found two recycled kitchens, both were gorgeous and obviously came from model homes as they didn't even show slight wear. One of the kitchens featured hard wood cabinets and doors with hand carved details and the other looked like something from Ikea. For a minute I thought "hey maybe we'll redo the kitchen"...believe me I was tempted. Staying on task, I kept looking. And then there it was. The third set was neatly piled together in a back corner of the store. At first it didn't look like much, but I could see dark wood and glass paned cabinet doors. I tried to not be too excited at first, telling myself not to be upset if this set didn't measure up, literally. I measured the set three times (no joke). I had to be sure it would fit my space plus the store has an all sales final policy. I couldn't believe it, it would fit like it was custom made for my space. The cabinets, doors and drawers were all constructed of hardwood, not a bit of pressed wood was used in making this set. The drawers and doors were "soft closing" and all of the hardware and trim moulding was included! The best part of this deal was the price. I was shocked...coming in at $150.00 less than the cabinetry I saw at the local home improvement store, this set (made by Downsview) was priced at $250.00! SOLD!

We got to work clearing out the guest room/storage room/office space and began prepping for paint. I chose Behr paint in Soft French Grey for the walls and white for the trim. We spent more than a week contemplating the layout of the cabinets. Mainly, because the set came with a wall-hung bookcase. At first I was going to install it above the small cabinet on the right side of the room, but I was afraid it would have looked cramped. Then, it dawned on me, we could cut the cabinet down in size and place it between the two upper cabinets. Amazingly, it fit perfect, like it was custom made for the space. Under the upper cabinets, I re purposed a bathroom towel bar and hooks to store gift wrapping supplies (ribbon and paper). Additionally, a baby food storage carousel was re purposed into a office supply storage caddy. I pulled the look together by adding a comfy and stylish task chair from Hand's Office Supply (our local independently owned office supply store) and storage accessories and curtains from Ikea. Overall, the room cost under $600.00!

New Closet being completed (I had to patch two pics together, hence the "seam" down the center of the photo)
Drum roll please!

Here are a few more after shots highlighting some of my favorite details.

Click here to read about my space on Apartment Therapy/Unplggd.  And click here to view my portfolio.


Anonymous said...

This re purposed space is beautiful. I love the color scheme, the custom cabinets look so perfect in the space. I love it love it, love it. The room looks like a crafter's dream the creative flow is endless in a space like this room.

Michelle said...

Thank you for your kind words!

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