April 10, 2011

Top Notch

I really enjoyed the "2 for the road" fashion spread in the March 2001 issue of Lucky Mag. Mostly because I am a fan of the updated sixties attire that has been dominating the runways for the past few years. Offbeat patterns, high waists and tailored cuts have always been some of my fashion faves. But most of all I LOVE that a Scala hat was used in the shoot. (Pictured below: Coral Scala Collezione hat, worn by the model on the left.) Years ago my mom bought me a Scala hat just like it, only it was white with large coral polka dots and yes...I still have it. Of course, over the years my collection has grown, choosing from a rainbow of options and different styles has made it pretty easy.

Images courtesy of Dorfman Pacific.

Dorfman Pacific offers affordable hats in a wide variety of styles and sizes (including infant, children, women's and men's). These are by far my favorite go-to toppers! View the Dorfman Pacific on-line brochure here.


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