February 9, 2011

Orange Crush

Last year Nicky Hilton wore this orange striped dress to the 14th Annual Los Angeles Antiques Show Preview Party at the Barker Hanger at the Santa Monica Airport. I loved it!

image via LIFE

Inspired by Nicky, I've put together a more casual look for Spring. Pair the orange striped dress with a purple cardigan and double buckle belt (worn over cardigan). I prefer nude accessories with this look. But hey an orange heel or purple handbag would add some punch too.

1. Purple Cardigan from Bluefly 2. Orange Striped Dress from Nordstrom 3. Double Buckle Belt from Forever 21 4. Handbag from Coach 5. Wedge Espadrille Heel from Nordstrom

First Lady Michelle Obama wearing a wide belt over a cardigan. She's jump roping in this picture! I think she might be the first to double-dutch on the Presidential lawn! Good + Glam!


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