January 12, 2011

Grill/Griddle/Waffle Maker Heaven!

Stainless Steel Super Grill from Sharper Image

Boy oh boy, I am one lucky girl!!! My parents gave me this Grill/Griddle/Waffle Maker from Sharper Image as a Christmas present and I can't say enough about how FANTASTIC this appliance is. I've made the most perfect Belgian waffles; a tasty, medium-rare ribeye steak; crispy, flat-bread cuban sandwiches and more.

Originally, I had been scoping out this Wolfgang Puck Grill and Griddle ($99.00 Bed Bath and Beyond) and had even moved it up to the top of my Christmas wish list. So on Christmas day when I unwrapped this gem of a grill/griddle/waffle maker I put it to use ASAP! And I was impressed!!! I have to say that this is now my FAVORITE kitchen appliance. No more starting the gas grill on the patio when I want to whip up a quick burger.

It opens up flat, has three different interchangable plates (waffle, grill and griddle) and serves as a sandwich press. It can get up to 450 degrees and clean up is a breeze.

Gotta give it up to my parents for nailing my gift this year, thanks!!!!


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