March 16, 2010

March eDesign

I've been seeing quatrefoils EVERYWHERE...so is quatrefoil the new black? Maybe so and I like it!

The quatrefoil is arguably one of the most timeless architectural symbols of all time with its popularity being used most often during the Gothic Revival and Renaissance periods. It also symbolizes good luck as the four-leaf clover popular to the Irish holiday St. Patrick's Day.

Here are a few to enjoy along with some good luck on St. Patrick's Day. Erin go bragh!

1. Headboard from Ballard Designs

2. Chandelier from Oly Studio

3. Mirror from Ballard Designs

4. Table from Oomph

5. Rug from Ballard Designs

6. Chair from Hickory Chair

7. Shades from Ballard Designs


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